Ballroom Dance Venue

Concordia is one of the oldest ballroom dance venues in Birmingham.  With at least four dances each month, members  and their guests enjoy live bands playing foxtrots, waltzes, rumbas, cha chas, tangos, sambas, east coast swings, west coast swings, mambos, Texas two steps, quicksteps, boleros, night club two steps and line dances. All levels of dancers are on the expansive hardwood floor.  From beginners to professional instructors, all are welcome and having a great time.  We even have non-dancers that are regular attendees that just come to enjoy the music and a great social setting. 

If you would like to experience some great live music, a large dance floor and a fun group of people, call our dance coordinator at (205) 218-3702.  If you visit our dances we are confident you will want to become a member of Concordia.  Joining is easy and open to both men and women.  If you are a ballroom dancer or want to be, come see what Concordia has to offer.